We believe self-knowledge is essential. Becoming aware of your talents, abilities and pitfalls ensures you can make the most of yourself.
Rob Bruins
Managing Director
Rob Bruins


Ons team

Head office Bruins BV

Sole Miopark 1

2202 AW  Noordwijk

Tel: 0252 - 240 040

Fax: 0252 - 217 714

Chamber of Commerce Leiden no: 28042627

VAT no: NL0076 95809 B01



Our team

Rob Bruins  

Rob Bruins
Managing director

+31(0)6 51 396 718





Marc du Prie  

Marc du Prie
Senior consultant

+31(0)6 53 449 758





Patricia van Leeuwen  

Patricia van Leeuwen
Talent consultant/Financial Administration

+31(0)252 240040





Anneke van Dijk  

Anneke van Dijk
Talent consultant

+31(0)6 22 975 141


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