Where do you want to be in 5 years? What do you want to keep and what do you want to discard? Our commitment will ensure your advancement.
Marc du Prie
Senior Consultant
Marc du Prie


“Sensing the things that encourage people and what stimulates their enthusiasm and inspiration are becoming increasingly important. That is what binds people to companies and what is needed to make the right choices when filling vacant positions.”

Results grow from passion
Although candidates must possess knowledge and experience, his or her passion is perhaps the best factor for success. People who are passionate about their work are motivated, feel energised by their work and consequently work more efficiently. A passion for the job brings out the best in the candidate, accelerating the candidate’s professional growth. Accordingly, our method puts ample focus on discovering the passion of our talented candidates.  

Our biggest strength is passion for our work. Sincere interest in people and organisations allows us to bring out the best in both of them. This starts with getting to know each other.Choosing Bruins means choosing for experienced consultants who have a thorough understanding and a bird’s eye view of these industries. Our consultants have attained distinction in the business community and have accumulated extensive knowledge and years of experience of the agricultural and food industries. Expert advisers who will carefully analyse what is important to you and then offer the appropriate solutions.



When you choose Bruins Recruitment you are going for
Experienced Senior Consultants who know what business is about
Thorough knowledge of the field and expert subject knowledge
Large national and international network
Extensive database
Successful website: 150,000 hits per year


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