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Marc du Prie
Senior Consultant
Marc du Prie

Lead Grower 

Leader Innovative Horticultural Production 

Blue Skies One B.V.
Lead Grower
Production of high-quality vegetables in a newly build Indoor Farm. Blue Skies is a new, unique, and growing medium-scale company for the production and development of High-Tech Indoor Farming. Blue Skies activities and mission are to grow food in an energy-efficient, modular indoor farm using 95% less water and zero pesticides.
Food is grown locally in order to reduce transportation and pollution. Harvested at the perfect time, fresh and ripe. Accessible, nutritious, tasty, and affordable. Blue Skies is aiming to contribute to a world where everybody will have access to secure and safe food. For Blue Skies we are looking for an autonomous Lead Grower who is highly interested in the latest innovations in Indoor Farming and sustainable Food production.

Lead and manage production facility and production processes. Ensure availability, (quantity quality, just in time) of safe and fresh vegetables.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Design and implement business operations, strategies, plans, and procedures.
  • Lead management team to secure production targets.
  • Manage the farm in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures.
  • Set performance and growth targets (KPI’s) and motivate the team to meet targets.
  • Build the company’s team and their capabilities in order to remain at the forefront of growing technology.
  • Ensure the development and follow-up of the best practices for the production in close cooperation with Blue Skies Discovery.
  • Manage the farm, including the development of a day-to-day work plan; design and manage planning, production, packaging, storage, and loading of fresh products.
  • Develop health, safety, hygiene, and cool chain processes and procedures to be followed for cultivation, harvesting, and delivery of the produce and ensure that these are followed.
  • Collaborate in the management team with the Head Finance/Controller and the Planner/ Sales Coordinator.
  • Report to and collaborate with Blue Skies One board.

. Relevant Horticultural degree, Agrarische Hogeschool en/of Universiteit Wageningen
· Strong leadership and organizational skills in the Horticultural Industry
· Experience with commercial growing and crop management
· Understanding and comfort with soil-less growing
· Ability to implement sustainable growing practices
. Strong verbal and written communication abilities in English

You will be working in a challenging environment with enthusiastic, professional, and passionate colleagues and team members. You will contribute and manage the further development of this new Indoor Farm and the production of food in an energy-efficient, modular indoor farm using 95% less water and zero pesticides.
An attractive salary and excellent benefits are offered.

Je kunt reageren via deze website. Marc du Prie behandelt deze vacature.
Voor informatie is hij (ook 's avonds) bereikbaar op nummer: 06 53 449 758
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